We would like to express our deepest condolences for the victims of the Tohoku Earthquake. Test

About AMZ Group

img_mapAMZ Group started export business of used car & machinery 2002 in Japan.
We gradually have enlarged our business stage to Southeast Asia, especially focused on The Lao PDR that is the last unexplored country in this Area.
Our office located in Japan, Laos, Thailand and China. AMZ group is “Amazing Group”, with amazing power and amazing dream, we open a door that lead to world business stage!!


[ Laos ] Reopened Sabaieli restaurant in Vientiane.
[ Japan ] Joined the Laos festival 2010 in Yoyogi park. Beerlao sold out.

Our Business

img_LaosWe are challenging the various businesses in Southeast Asia.
In Japan, we do trading, real estate, restaurant management, and international communication business.
In overseas, we do hotel & restaurant management, travel agency, real estate, and consultant. Especially, we focus on consultant business in Laos.

In these days, Laos get into the limelight with its large amount of resources, low cost of wage and stability of political situation.
More and more investors interested in this country, but there is not so much information about Lao in Japan yet, and there are a lot of problems when doing business in Lao for example an application process is often so complicated.
So, we are starting consultant business making the most of our connection and network in Lao Company which thinks about business opportunity, we supply information, relief application, personal relationship, also special route and smooth method of advance to Laos.